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Tag: How to get new Patients

4 Marketing Tips for Your Acupuncture Practice: Best Practices for Social Media, Your Website, and More!

Did you know that the acupuncture industry in the United States is valued around $664 million? Approximately 3 million adults receive acupuncture treatment each year and that number continues to grow as more people turn to holistic healthcare and alternative medicines. How can your acupuncture practice attract and retain clients in this growing market? Your […]

Front Desks + First Impressions: Foundations for Managing the Patient Experience

They’re called first impressions for a reason: you seldom get a second chance to make a positive, lasting impression. In the age of healthcare consumerism where patients can shop around for the best value and patient experience, it’s more important than ever that your holistic practice delivers a great first impression. One of the foundational […]

Your Holistic Practice's Online Reputation: Your Holistic Website

Do you know the value of your holistic practice’s online reputation? Research shows that 63% of patients choose one provider over another based on a strong online presence – that’s a major win for those who capitalize on these opportunities. As patients leverage the internet to discover and research different holistic providers, appealing to your […]

Want to Promote Your Chiropractic Practice? Take a Crack at These Marketing Tips

Did you know that the US chiropractic industry is worth around $15 billion? Chiropractors treat approximately 35 million Americans annually and that figure is only growing as people continue to turn towards holistic treatments to help their ailments. If you’re wondering how your chiropractic practice can attract new patients while retaining current ones, then your […]

What’s In a Name? Integrative Medicine Vs. Functional Medicine

One of language’s inherent qualities is the capacity to have more than one way of saying the same thing—or, at least, what might be perceived as the same thing. There seems to be another way of phrasing something in countless cases, which can be helpful for connecting the dots between ideas, or it can result […]

Why Your Holistic Practice Needs a Mission Statement (+ How to Write One)

Have you ever wondered if your holistic practice needs a mission statement? Do you feel intimidated about writing one or are worried it’ll sound too generic? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Mission statements are a foundational element of your holistic practice’s business operations and help communicate an important message to your clients, both present […]

How to Manage Your Holistic Practice's Online Reputation

In this day and age, nearly everything lives on the internet and it’s no secret that it’s an essential component of life, both personal and professional. The internet is an endless source of information and can positively or negatively impact your holistic practice, depending on your practice’s online reputation. As potential clients turn to the […]

Marketing Metrics 101: What to Track to Attract Clients at Your Holistic Practice

Take a minute to reflect on your holistic practice’s current marketing strategy; where are your efforts being directed? How frequently do you check in on the performance of your marketing efforts? How can you tell if they’re effective or if they need refining? Marketing is an essential element of nearly every business or organization, of […]

How to Instill Patient Loyalty at Your Holistic Practice

Your holistic practice exists to deliver quality care to your community; no matter what specialty you offer, it’s crucial that your patients recognize, value, and return to your practice. After all, you won’t last long if you don’t attract patients! But how can you go beyond simply making your patients aware of your practice and […]

The Link Between Patient Education & Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle: 3 Tips For Your Practice

Your patients and your healthcare revenue cycle are more connected than you might think. Attracting new patients and providing great holistic care are two essential components of your revenue, but what else can you do to ensure your revenue cycle continues moving smoothly? How can you deepen the relationship between your holistic practice and your […]

Effective Patient Communication: How to Write a Patient Satisfaction Survey

No matter the specialty of your holistic practice—whether you offer acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic treatments, or a combination—you’re there to provide quality care to your community. How do you know that you’re squarely hitting that target, though? What if there are some areas of your holistic practice that patients wish were a little more streamlined […]

Electronic Health Records Systems: Why Your Holistic Practice Needs One

Electronic health records systems are a huge resource to utilize in your holistic practice, no matter the size of your business. While it might seem easier and more cost-effective to just maintain whatever paper file folder system you’re already using, making the switch to an EHR system is an overall more efficient strategy for streamlining […]

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