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Tag: Billing Insurance

How to pick an insurance biller for your holistic practice

When owning a holistic practice, one of the most important things to consider is how to handle insurance billing; this can be tricky and time-consuming, but ensuring that your patients receive the reimbursement they are entitled to is essential. As a holistic practitioner, choosing an insurance biller who understands the unique needs of your practice, […]

What is a SOAP Note? (+ Why it is Important for Insurance Billing)

Healthcare documentation is a critical component for your holistic practice, both in terms of delivering great care to your patients and for insurance billing purposes—not to mention the importance of having some form of documentation in the event of a legal situation, in this blog you will discover What is a SOAP Note. Treatment notes […]

Top 3 Benefits of Outsourcing the Medical Credentialing Process

Medical credentialing ensures patients receive the best quality care from credentialed providers; in other words, it’s basically an industry standard that helps maintain quality assurance. Credentialing also means that providers can file claims with various agencies, such as private insurance companies and Medicare. However, the medical credentialing process can take months and is tedious—that’s why […]

Getting an NPI Number (+Application Checklist)

As an insurance billing company, Holistic Billing has new providers contacting us daily about how to start medical billing. The first step is to apply for NPI (National Provider Identifier) number otherwise known as your NPI number. However, many holistic practices are unaware of how to apply for an NPI.  Luckily, the application process for getting an NPI number […]

Frequently Used Acupuncture Billing CPT Codes for Insurance

The world of insurance billing is complex, and even more so for holistic practices. Understanding when to use the right acupuncture billing codes and procedures is essential to any successful medical practice - whether holistic or traditional. Accurate coding and billing practices ensure a streamlined reimbursement process so your practice can get paid and deliver […]

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