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Category: Billing Codes

Frequently Used Acupuncture Billing CPT Codes for Insurance

The world of insurance billing is complex, and even more so for holistic practices. Understanding when to use the right acupuncture billing codes and procedures is essential to any successful medical practice - whether holistic or traditional. Accurate coding and billing practices ensure a streamlined reimbursement process so your practice can get paid and deliver […]

How E&M Changes Could Affect Your Holistic Practice in 2021

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released a series of changes in 2018 to the way E/M coding would be documented and billed for reimbursement. In partnership with the healthcare billing community, we reacted swiftly to the announcement, pointing out a series of potential problems that could arise when the changes went into […]

The Importance of Keeping Proper Patient Records in Your Holistic Practice

Keeping track of treatment codes to ensure accurate medical billing can be a challenge for small holistic practices. Proper billing requires familiarity with all the relevant CPT treatment codes and how they interact with one another. Not understanding how billable units are calculated, for instance, could result in an acupuncture or massage practice not getting […]

Acupuncture CPT and Diagnosis Codes for 2019

As a billing company focused on holistic healthcare providers, we've introduced our share of acupuncturists to the world of acupuncture insurance billing codes.

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