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Category: Acupuncture Billing

Does Acupuncture Actually Work? A Look At The VA’s Evidence Map of Acupuncture

When it comes to expanding government coverage of holistic and complementary treatments, the task of getting everyone on board can be tedious and take years for legislative consideration. Delivering substantial and comprehensive evidence of the benefits of holistic treatments, however, does help streamline the process and make a compelling case for incorporating integrative medicine into […]

Medicare and Acupuncture: New Bill Would Expand Coverage

In recent years, there have been tremendous advances in legislation expanding the coverage that Medicare provides to millions of seniors around the country. In particular, expanding coverage to include holistic medicine has been most notable with the recognition—albeit limited recognition—of acupuncture services to treat chronic lower back pain which happened in early 2020. This relationship […]

HMO vs PPO (+ How It Impacts Acupuncture Billing)

Many acupuncture providers have trouble deciding whether or not to join insurance networks, and what’s right for one practice may not be right for another. There are both positive and negative aspects of joining an acupuncture insurance billing network, depending on your geographic location and your practice’s needs, but understanding the pros and cons requires […]

2022 Acupuncture CPT Codes for Insurance Billing

The world of insurance billing is complex, and even more so for holistic practices. Accurate coding and billing practices ensure a streamlined reimbursement process so your practice can get paid and deliver the best care to your patients. Current Procedure Terminology, or CPT codes, are used to document the majority of medical procedures performed by […]

Acupuncture Research: 3 Benefits For Patients With Chronic Illnesses

As demands for holistic medicine increase from people seeking relief from a variety of conditions, more research is conducted to determine and affirm how effective these treatments can be. These studies are important both for validating the effectiveness of holistic medicine and quantifying how alternative treatments can be used. For example, acupuncture is often incorporated […]

How the Cigna and American Specialty Health Provider Updates Are Impacting Acupuncture Practices

The acupuncture industry has seen many significant changes since the start of 2021. Recent changes in policies are impacting how acupuncturists provide services for Cigna members.  Let’s review what you need to know about the Cigna-ASH policy changes.  What Changed With Cigna and American Specialty Health (ASH)? American Specialty Health Provider is taking over processing […]

Essential Metrics for Acupuncture Billing

How committed is your team to make your acupuncture practice the best it can be? From your medical billing department to your clinical staff to your front desk reps, everyone involved in day-to-day business around your holistic practice should be motivated to help you become a top-of-the-line medical establishment. In order to understand how well […]

How to Create A No-Show Fee Policy For Your Practice

Did you know the healthcare industry loses more than $150 billion a year to no-shows alone? While there are a variety of reasons patients might miss their appointments, like simple forgetfulness or something unexpected taking precedence, it’s in your holistic practice’s best interest to implement a no-show policy. Without one in place, you’re leaving money […]

Best Practices for Adding Pediatric Acupuncture to Your Practice

Most kids, as well as a lot of adults, are afraid of needles. So the pairing of acupuncture and kids might not be an obvious one. However, as more and more parents are seeking alternative methods of treatment for their children, it might be a good next step for your holistic practice to incorporate pediatric […]

Hiring Best Practices For Your Holistic Practice

There are challenges unique to being a job seeker in today’s world, but there are also challenges regarding hiring practices, especially in the holistic practice industry. How can you continue to grow your holistic practice with the best talent? What can your holistic practice do to ensure the smoothest onboarding experience for your new hire? […]

Acupuncture Billing FAQ: Top Questions and Answers

Over the last few years, more people than ever before are turning to acupuncture and other holistic treatments to alleviate ailments. As more people intentionally seek this service, your practice is likely to grow in size as members of your community begin to visit. With this exciting growth in business comes the not-so-exciting amounts of […]

How Much Should You Spend on Marketing for Your Acupuncture Practice?

Your patients are your business. But it‘s not how many patients your acupuncture practice schedules that matters, rather it‘s the profit that those patients generate that will be the difference between a successful practice and one that is closing its doors.

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