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Tag: Revenue Cycle Management

Navigating Online Appointment Scheduling: Pros and Cons for Medical Practices

Platforms like Holbie offer the flexibility to either allow patients to schedule their own appointments or require practice approval for each booking.

Chiropractic CPT Codes for Medical Billing: Updated for 2023!

There are nearly 11,000 CPT codes to account for all the different variations of healthcare treatments. While your chiropractic practice will only need a fraction of these codes, it’s vital that the chiropractic CPT codes are current and accurately reflect the services rendered. If you’re utilizing chiropractic CPT codes that aren’t appropriate or are keyed […]

New for 2023: Acupuncture CPT Codes for Medical Billing

  Did you know that roughly 30% of medical billing claims are rejected? That’s a significant chunk of your overall healthcare revenue cycle that will cost you in the short and long run. These claims might be rejected for a few reasons – a key one which is inaccurate coding. That’s why it’s essential for […]

Revenue Cycle Management: Medical Billing Vs. Accounting

Your holistic practice’s longevity and financial success depends on how efficiently and effectively you can manage your revenue cycle. Without ensuring this key component of your strategy is running smoothly, you’ll be struggling to keep your practice in the green. A comprehensive revenue cycle management strategy can really transform your holistic practice and help chart […]

Want to Promote Your Chiropractic Practice? Take a Crack at These Marketing Tips

Did you know that the US chiropractic industry is worth around $15 billion? Chiropractors treat approximately 35 million Americans annually and that figure is only growing as people continue to turn towards holistic treatments to help their ailments. If you’re wondering how your chiropractic practice can attract new patients while retaining current ones, then your […]

Payer Reimbursements & Your Holistic Practice

As you know, there are countless healthcare KPIs (key performance indicators) to review, to monitor over time, and to create goals for improving. We know that the process of pulling reports on so many different KPIs can be overwhelming and confusing, which ultimately makes the process ineffective. That’s why we love to write various articles […]

Marketing Metrics 101: What to Track to Attract Clients at Your Holistic Practice

Take a minute to reflect on your holistic practice’s current marketing strategy; where are your efforts being directed? How frequently do you check in on the performance of your marketing efforts? How can you tell if they’re effective or if they need refining? Marketing is an essential element of nearly every business or organization, of […]

How Rejected Claims Impact Your Practice (+ How to Minimize Them)

The healthcare revenue cycle is fraught with various moving parts and pieces that can throw a wrench in your financial performance; one such example is that of rejected claims, which can delay your payment for services rendered, cause extra stress, and result in lower financial performance for your holistic practice. The ideal metric for tracking […]

Your Guide to The No Surprises Act: New Healthcare Billing Legislation

Healthcare legislation can be tricky to navigate, especially when you’ve got a million other things on your plate. However, it’s still essential to keep up with because it can impact your holistic practice, healthcare revenue cycle, and patients. One recent example is the No Surprises Act, which affects you, your patients, and your revenue cycle. […]

Patient Financial Agreements & Your Holistic Practice (+ Template)

Your holistic practice exists to deliver quality care to your patients—and somebody has to pay for that quality care. Your patients might not exactly know their role or responsibility in paying for the services rendered—for example, there could be assumptions about insurance coverage that doesn’t apply to your holistic practice—which can lead to friction later […]

Gross Collection Ratio vs Net Collection Ratio: Understanding These Financial KPIs

Your holistic practice’s success and longevity within your community are predicated upon a streamlined healthcare revenue cycle—part of that comes from understanding a couple of key financial metrics that you can use to evaluate your practice’s current performance! Being able to calculate and track the financial key performance indicators, known as KPIs, of your holistic […]

Maximize Productivity and Minimize No-Show Patients With These Tips

No-show patients can be costly to your practice in terms of both impacting your overall healthcare revenue cycle and productivity. When patients schedule appointments, that blocks out the time from another client booking that slot—so when nobody shows up for the time slot, you and your practitioners are left to fill the time how you […]

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