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Tag: Acupuncture

Top 5 Business Trends in Acupuncture for 2023

Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years and has steadily gained popularity as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for various health conditions. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes acupuncture as a safe and effective treatment for multiple conditions, including pain, infertility, and addiction. As we move into 2023, several trends in acupuncture are […]

4 Marketing Tips for Your Acupuncture Practice: Best Practices for Social Media, Your Website, and More!

Did you know that the acupuncture industry in the United States is valued around $664 million? Approximately 3 million adults receive acupuncture treatment each year and that number continues to grow as more people turn to holistic healthcare and alternative medicines. How can your acupuncture practice attract and retain clients in this growing market? Your […]

Does Acupuncture Actually Work? A Look At The VA’s Evidence Map of Acupuncture

When it comes to expanding government coverage of holistic and complementary treatments, the task of getting everyone on board can be tedious and take years for legislative consideration. Delivering substantial and comprehensive evidence of the benefits of holistic treatments, however, does help streamline the process and make a compelling case for incorporating integrative medicine into […]

Medicare and Acupuncture: New Bill Would Expand Coverage

In recent years, there have been tremendous advances in legislation expanding the coverage that Medicare provides to millions of seniors around the country. In particular, expanding coverage to include holistic medicine has been most notable with the recognition—albeit limited recognition—of acupuncture services to treat chronic lower back pain which happened in early 2020. This relationship […]

What Ailments Can Acupuncture Treatments Relieve?

More than 10 million acupuncture treatments are administered annually in the United States - and the number continues to grow! Its rise in popularity has made it one of the most utilized forms of integrative-medicine in the country. The advantages of acupuncture extend from acute pain relief to a safe and effective alternative to opioid […]

How Acupuncture Treatments Can Be a Healthy Alternative to Opioid Drugs

The opioid crisis is one of the major health challenges in the United States today, and it’s responsible for destroying thousands of lives. Whether addiction stems from prescription medications or illegal street drugs, more than two million Americans are victims of opioid misuse. Finding alternatives to highly addictive opioid drugs is a crucial key to […]

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