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Category: Revenue Cycle Management

Fascia Stretching: Add This Specialty to Your Massage Therapy Practice

Your massage therapy practice is responsible for delivering great care to your patients through the many benefits of massage. If you’re looking to expand any specialty services that you offer, consider adding fascia stretching to your practice’s repertoire! Fascia stretching and fascia massage can help you grow your practice by speaking to physical pain points […]

What is a SOAP Note? (+ Why it is Important for Insurance Billing)

Healthcare documentation is a critical component for your holistic practice, both in terms of delivering great care to your patients and for insurance billing purposes—not to mention the importance of having some form of documentation in the event of a legal situation, in this blog you will discover What is a SOAP Note. Treatment notes […]

How to Maximize Revenue with a Medical Billing Partner

If your in-house administrative staff is overwhelmed with the medical billing process—or if you’re a team of just one or two people doing it all—then it might be time to consider partnering with a medical billing service. You might not realize how much your revenue cycle is affected by delayed claim submissions, claims rejected for […]

The Ultimate HIPAA Cheat Sheet to Help You Manage Compliance for Your Holistic Practice

One vital component for your holistic practice’s success is maintaining HIPAA compliance because it protects patient information, secures your operations, and prevents the chance of a breach that can greatly impact your practice’s reputation. We’ve compiled this comprehensive HIPAA cheat sheet to help you further understand this important legislation and how it pertains to your […]

5 Therapy Massage Advertising Ideas & Examples to Aid Business Growth

  Referrals are a fantastic method for gaining new patients at your massage therapy practice, but you can’t rely solely on them as a sustainable marketing strategy. Part of your future growth and success depends upon having a comprehensive massage advertising approach that can target a few different audiences across a variety of platforms. Keep […]

Top Healthcare KPIs to Track to Improve Your Holistic Practice Management

When evaluating the success of your holistic practice, where do you start? It’s too short-sighted to worry only about keeping the lights on, but planning for the future on a broad, subjective scale can feel intimidating or overwhelming. That’s where tracking top healthcare KPIs can benefit your holistic practice. Healthcare KPI tracking can provide a […]

How Patient Satisfaction Surveys Can Boost Your Holistic Practice Performance

How well do you know how your patients experience your holistic practice? Of course, you’re providing the best care for them, but are there metaphorical pain points that you might not know about? By utilizing patient satisfaction surveys, you can open this conversation up between your patients and your holistic practice, resulting in stronger dialogue […]

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