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Category: Billing Tips

How Will the Holistic Medicine Industry Look Post-Pandemic?

COVID-19 pandemic has already inflicted terrible damage upon many holistic medicine practices. As if the first wave of lockdowns wasn’t damaging enough, the sudden resurgence in cases throughout the country has pulled the rug out from underneath many businesses that thought the worst was already behind them. While it remains to be seen if states […]

As PPP Loan Forgiveness Rules Keep Changing, Here’s What Your Holistic Practice Should Know

(This post has been updated to reflect PPP loan forgiveness changes passed by Congress in June 2020) On March 27, 2020, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, an unprecedented $2.2 trillion assistance package intended to deliver financial support to both individuals and businesses impacted by the public health crisis resulting […]

Best Practices for Calculating Billable Units for Your Acupuncture Practice

Operating a successful acupuncture practice can be a rewarding and worthwhile endeavor that makes a real difference in the lives of patients. Unfortunately, it can also be quite a challenge thanks to confusion over how to bill for services effectively. The ins and outs of medical coding are complex and even a minor error can […]

Healthcare Administration vs Healthcare Management: Who is Responsible for Medical Billing?

Operating a healthcare practice of any kind, whether it’s a western-style medical office or a holistic health service, is a challenging and complicated undertaking. As if providing quality care to patients wasn’t difficult enough, there are many other factors practices must take into account if they want to be successful. Learning the ins and outs […]

Net Collection Rate: Understanding Your Holistic Practice’s Most Important Metric

Holistic practices face unique circumstances when it comes to medical billing due to the ever-shifting regulatory guidelines that stipulate which holistic health services are covered by insurance, and which services remain strictly out-of-pocket. With patients paying more for their own care and insurers looking for practically any reason to deny claims (and save themselves money), […]

Texting Patients: How to Best Use SMS Marketing in the Medical Arena

Today's generation of consumers is much different than it was 20 years ago (and even 5 years ago). No matter what we’re buying or who we’re engaging with, we want communication to be as quick and seamless as possible—and preferably from our mobile devices.

Acupuncture CPT and Diagnosis Codes for 2019

As a billing company focused on holistic healthcare providers, we've introduced our share of acupuncturists to the world of acupuncture insurance billing codes.

Should You Participate in the Veteran’s Affairs Insurance Network?

One of the most frequently asked questions by new and seasoned practitioners billing insurance for acupuncture. Due to the unique population, reimbursement rates and the preauthorization of patient visits most practitioners find participating in the VA’s Veterans Choice Program (VCP), and Patient-Centered Community Care (PC3) plans administered through TriWest to be highly rewarding.

Here is How to Get Started Billing Insurance

Around this time every year, Holistic Billing gets swamped with calls from newly minted healthcare providers. On these calls, an all-too-frequent question is "what is necessary for accepting insurance?". Here's the quick answer, whether fresh-out-of-school or looking to add insurance to an existing practice, the first thing you need to do to participate with insurers […]

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