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Acupuncture CPT and Diagnosis Codes for 2019

As a billing company focused on holistic healthcare providers, we've introduced our share of acupuncturists to the world of acupuncture insurance billing codes.

On any given year, roughly half of our new clients will have never billed insurance before they started with Holistic Billing, therefore we are quite accustomed to their most frequently asked questions. One question that gets frequently asked is “Do you have a superbill sample for codes I can use?”

If you are new to insurance billing for acupuncture, a superbill is used by most healthcare providers as a primary source of data for creating an insurance claim. These claims can be submitted by you the provider or if you are not currently billing insurance for acupuncture, by the patient to the insurance company for reimbursement.

Below is a link to our sample superbill that includes a summary of 2019 procedure and diagnosis codes for acupuncture we feel most insurances will reimburse.


This sample superbill is an itemized list of most services you would provide to a client; it contains 2019 acupuncture CPT codes and diagnosis codes (ICD-10) for acupuncture. Additional information about the patient visit including your practice's information and your fees for the various services should also be included.

Are you interested in learning more about insurance billing and coding from a company specializing in integrative health? See our most frequently used acupuncture insurance billing codes, or use these additional tips!

May 13, 2019
 - by Antonio Arias, MBA, CHBME
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