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Grow Your Holistic Practice: Virtual Assistants and Billing Services

Growing your practice can be challenging, and there are many factors to consider when creating your game plan. Here are a few ways to use Holistic Billing Services, virtual-assistants and strong customer service to help quickly and organically grow your business.

Implement a Virtual Assistant or Remote Reception Services

Virtual assistants are a way to provide professional administrative, technical or creative assistance to your practice remotely. This can be a huge benefit for you in saving time, costs and office space. 

Acuhub, for example, offers combined coverage of a remote reception service with the support of a virtual assistant, providing a winning combination in front-office support to your practice. The process is simple: your phone number is ported in or forwarded into the Acuhub system and your dedicated virtual assistant answers your calls during business hours. 

Your appointments are booked, questions are answered, and new customers turn into loyal clients. Your dedicated assistant reminds you of who needs to stop in and pick up supplements and herbs, who is running late, or who needs help with their insurance benefits verifications. You can stay on task and won’t have to stay late returning calls or texts from the clinic.


Utilize Holistic Billing Services

When it comes to insurance billing for your clinic, it can be overwhelming. That’s why there are many benefits to utilizing professional acupuncture billing services

With Holistic Billing Services, for instance, your staff can stay focused on daily operations while the complications of insurance billing get sorted by a team of certified acupuncture, massage and chiropractic coders, MBAs, CPAs and IT professionals. Your practice has the opportunity to thrive with more insurance patients, maximum reimbursements and more—all handled through a secure, online portal.


Create Patient Loyalty (Bonus Tip!)

One of the more intangible ways to help your acupuncture practice grow is to organically create brand advocates from your customer base. Why? About 72% of patients use online reviews to assess and choose a new doctor. That means nearly ¾ of your potential new customers rely on others’ feedback to make a decision about your practice. 

By creating an environment where patients are happy and taken care of, you’ll naturally create loyal patients who will be willing to be the brand advocates you want writing your reviews for you.

Here are some simple ways to create patient loyalty at your practice:

1. Create an environment people want to come back to.

From your staff to your furniture, everyone and everything should resonate warmth and inviting vibes at your practice. Regardless of how great your services may be, a good experience can quickly be tainted by poor lighting, dirty bathrooms, uncomfortable tables, etc.

2. Be organized and professional.

The patient experience goes well beyond the service rendered. In fact, it starts with a streamlined workflow from the moment patients come into your practice. This is another way acupuncture billing services can assist. If you struggle to stay on top of day-to-day paperwork, documentation and follow-up due to complications with insurance billing, a professional solution can help.

3. Treat patients like the individuals they are.

Respect their time. Ask how they’re feeling. Say thank you. Go the extra mile to make them feel welcome and respected. Treating patients as individuals earns trust, and trust has great potential for long-term commitment and advocacy.


Learn more about how to grow your acupuncture practice through insurance billing services by contacting Holistic Billing Services today!

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October 16, 2019
 - by Antonio Arias, MBA, CHBME
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